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View from our hostel – Kangding Our first stop was at Zheduoshan.

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Meetings are not at all a serious type of dating – the group may spend the evening playing games, drinking and chatting or going to the karaoke room for singing.

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Som medlem i Naturviterne har du tilgang til en av Norges beste bankavtaler.

Avtalen sikrer deg et godt tilbud i årene fremover.

Background checks Who hasn't done some Facebook stalking in their time, or even worse, Facebook stalked themselves out of first date small talk?

Pre-Facebook you might be hard-pressed to find out details about a potential partner, without sounding like a complete weirdo but become friends on Facebook and you can find out a huge amount of information about someone and if they are an active user, you can accrue huge amounts of details about their lives.

Korean culture has a strong tradition of matchmaking – in the traditional Korean society, due to the Confucian culture, males and females were not allowed to mingle freely with each other, so marriages were arranged by matchmakers appointed by the parents.

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, I have received requests for writing more on the marriage-related topics.In this blog post, let’s talk about how Koreans find their Mr or Miss Right.Some of the methods are quite interesting and unique to the Korean culture. While social media has been brilliant for our social lives, has bought communities together and is the perfect platform for debate, since the emergence of sites such as Facebook over a decade ago, the landscape of dating has changed forever. Do you obsessively watch what your partner is doing on there? How do you manage your personal relationship via social media?Let’s talk about the various methods used by the Koreans.