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I just want to recap upon some of the current events. A few things come to mind: I won't be visiting the ER anytime soon, so right there is a roundabout plus. They think we're trying to convert them or maybe the next sentence out of our mouths would be, "Do you know Jesus? But we can always blame Obama since he is "assumed" to be Muslim…right?

I didn’t know ho to pick my classes or find the right buildings on campus.

The House looks likely to vote on TPA at some point in the next three weeks.

In our view, it is more likely that the House will pass TPA than defeat it, though the outcome is harder than usual to predict because support and opposition do not fall cleanly along party lines.

Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership appear to be in the final stages.

It seems likely that the most of the outstanding issues could be settled reasonably soon after TPA is enacted, since some trading partners may be waiting for TPA passage before presenting their final offers.