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Players "flirt" their way through conversations; player responses influence the resulting NPC dialogue.Sprung can be regarded as a dating sim, though the linearity and variety in the game (as well as its humor) lend it more to being an adventure game. Brett and Becky have been longtime friends for as long as they could remember. Their feelings for one another made both of them go on the trip together as an attempt to find not only love but promising future opportunities.Bomberman Land (J) 0508 - Puyo Pop Fever (E) 0509 - Jinsei Game DS (J) 0516 - Top Gun (E)*0524 - Final Fantasy III (J) 0532 - Nounai Kakusei Honeycomb Beat (J)*0552 - Mar Heaven Boukyaku no Clavia (J) 0556 - Mega Man ZX (U)*0561 - Harvest Moon DS (U)*0566 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team (U) 0567 - Yuu Yuu Hakushou DS (J) 0569 - Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime (U) 0570 - Danny Phantom - Urban Jungle (U) 0571 - FIFA 07 (E)*0573 - Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 - March of the Minis (U)*0576 - Pocket Monsters - Pearl (J)*0577 - Pocket Monsters - Diamond (J) 0578 - Jan Sangoku Musou (J) 0586 - Rainbow Islands - Revolution (U) 0587 - FIFA 07 (U) 0588 - Bubble Bobble Revolution (U)*0615 - Contact (U) 0624 - Negima!

官方支持的游戏列表 GAMES: 282 (2007-04-10)游戏编号前面标有“*” 符号的话,那么必须将 Flag=1,否则转换出来的 ROM 无法存档! 某些游戏会超出金手指限制的容量、因此必须手动删除某些作弊项目,重新保存,再检查Flag 的值;建议:删除前备份 CHT;建议:转换时指向硬盘的盘符转换,避免由于金手指容量过大而转换到 TF 卡中是否成功的次数,当金手指添加成功后,再直接拷贝进 TF 卡中。 SNES - Captain Commando (J) I001 - Zhigan Yi Bi (C) I002 - Momo Waliou Zhizao (C) I003 - Momo Yaoxi - Yun Zhong Manbu (C) 0001 - Electroplankton (J) 0002 - Need for Speed Underground 2 (U) 0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (U) 0004 - Feel The Magic XY XX (U) 0005 - Wario Ware - Touched! Band-Brothers (J) 0037 - Super Mario 64 DS (U) (v1.0) 0040 - Hanjuku Eiyuu DS - Egg Monster Hero (J) 0041 - Need For Speed Underground 2 (E) 0045 - The Urbz Sims in the City (U) 0048 - Mr.Get your attack power higher than 100 and your critter will go into hyper drive, causing extra damage.There are a few different power-ups that can turn matches in your favour.1 Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi Dai 1 Kan Touen no Chikai (J)*0800 - Yu-Gi-Oh!Hosting by - - Download Nintendo DSi XL and N3DS Roms from NDS ROMs and Nintendo 3DS ROM emulator torrent sites. Driller - Drill Spirits (U) 0020 - Chokkan Hitofude (J) 0021 - Project Rub (E) 0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E) 0023 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (E) 0024 - Robots (E) 0025 - Super Mario 64 DS (J) 0026 - Pokemon Dash (U) 0027 - Mr.