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Probably everyone has at one time or another had a form that needed some sort of date to be entered. Net and want to use the ASP calendar control the asp validators don’t work.

Well without some work arounds to the calendar control.

Net validators that post back methods should always check for Page.

I want date in a dd/mm/yyyy format with validation in Text Box . As I got date with dd/mm/yyyy but it will also accept 32/02/2005. Also when I compare two textbox it will not evalute properly. So I had used Compare Validator, & select type="date" but it will not evalute. Thanking You, One thing that must be kept in mind when using Asp.

The calendar control: Then I have a button to save the form back to the database. Is Valid = False Exit Sub End If End Sub C# protected void btn Caltest_Click(object sender, Event Args e) The cv Caltest.

And yes, using both would sometimes lead you to race conditions where choosing a date from the calendar might be an invalid date and the Range Validators would immediately come to the focus. But how can we achieve needs like coparing the date from another texbox live Effectivefrom Date in one Text Box and Effective To Date in another Text Box whose values are driven from Ajax Calendar control dynamically. Http Exception: The value ’23/6/2011′ of the Maximum Value property of ‘validdateofbirth’ cannot be converted to type ‘Date’. I have two textboxes with Calendarextenders in each one, so when i choose a date from Calendarextnder1 it will show in the textbox1 and when i choose at Calendar2 it will show in textbox2 ..

In the above code u r giving the Calendar Extender property On Client Date Selection Changed for date validation. Add(“onkeypress”, “return numerals Only(event)”); txt Created Date. I can set Range validator since my from or To date changes dynamically. I achieved this through Text Change i want to know how to disable the dates which is populated in Ajax Calendar based on my from and To date at run time on script,since we can write script in Ajax Calendar Extenders On Client Showing Event… It is getting error for using validator The value ’23/6/2011′ of the Maximum Value property of ‘validdateofbirth’ cannot be converted to type ‘Date’. my question is how to get the number of days in another textbox.

You'll begin by adding some validation logic to the attribute lets you set the maximum length of a string property, and optionally its minimum length.

Code First ensures that the validation rules you specify on a model class are enforced before the application saves changes in the database.